Definitions for "Entrainment"
the synchronisation of one biological rhythm to another or to a zeitgeber cycle, e.g. circadian rhythm are often entrained to the light-dark cycle
With respect to circadian rhythms, the process whereby the period is adjusted to match the 24-hour environmental cycle.
Organism's response to environmental cues such as light that enables resetting of the clock; Related Terms: Free running
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Mist, fog or droplets of a liquid which is usually considered to be a contaminate when used in the filtration industry.
Transport of small liquid particles in vapor, e.g., when drops of water are carried over in steam.
Dispersion of a solid, liquid or gas in a fluid without solution.
The process of drawing fish into diversions along with water, resulting in the loss of such fish.
_ The incidental withdrawal of fish and other aquatic organisms in the water diverted out-of-stream for various purposes.
(Streams) The incidental trapping of fish and other aquatic organisms in the water, for example, used for cooling electrical power plants or in waters being diverted for irrigation or similar purposes.
The capture of part of the surrounding air by the airstream discharged from an outlet (sometimes called secondary air motion).
the induction of room air into an air-stream from an outlet (also, see induction)
The act of air being drawn into a cloud from the non-cloud environment.
The loss of oil from containment when it is pulled under a boom by a strong current. Entrainment typically occurs from booms deployed perpendicular to currents greater than 1 knot (0.5 meter per second).
Entrainment as commonly used in various branches of engineering may be defined as the entrapment of one substance by another substance.
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The process whereby gases generated in the cell carry electrolyte through the vent cap.
One of three distinct processes involved in erosion. More specifically, it is the process of particle lifting by an agent of erosion.