Definitions for "Enterprises"
a Computer Consulting firm located in Fredericksburg, VA
a group of highly experienced Web consultants who know what works on the Internet
a leading consulting/engineering company for noise and vibration control
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a full-service network integrator with additional offices in Los Angeles, Miami and Bucharest, Romania
an integral part of this course
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a Sino-Israeli Joint Venture in China, specializing in Fruit Post harvest treatment, is now Exporting High quality best packaged Litchi from China
a distributor of high-margin goods throughout the United States, supplying specialty retail stores with unique goods that are difficult to find elsewhere
a manufacturer and distributor of fire, smoke detection and other unique safety products
a continually evolving space, in which artists and practitioners are granted the freedom to develop their work, challenging both their practice and the expectations of the exhibition space
a new exhibition venue subsidized by A
a proprietorship located in Cathedral City, near Palm Springs, Ca
a group of Engineers and Professional who are working more than a decades in Material Tersting,Testing Machines, Machine Tools and in Project works
a long term client of ours that we have worked with on a number of extensive projects, primarily in the field of technical writing and interactive learning tool development
The production of a particular commodity or group of related commodities for sales or domestic use. The one enterprise may include a number of activities.
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a full service corporation