Definitions for "Ensemble "
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The whole; all the parts taken together.
All at once; together.
Working together as a unified whole in support of a common goal.
a coordinated outfit (set of clothing)
a complete outfit which might include a suit or shorts/romper set, with coordinated garments such as shoes/sandals, socks, gloves, bows/ties, caps, ect
a complete outfit, such as coat & dress, dress & jacket, or suit & blouse. An ensemble may also include matching accessories, such as hat, gloves, handbag, etc.
Dynamic interaction and harmonious blending of the efforts of the many artists involved in the dramatic activity of a theatrical production.
a dynamical system with a finite number of energy states that all are occupied to some extent (ergodic)
The dynamic interaction of the many people involved in the dramatic activity in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
a collection of all the possible microstates of the gas
A set of model simulations, used to show sensitivity to changes in assumptions. Often the simulations are averaged to represent that model, rather than showing all runs for each model.
A collection of simulations run on a particular model to reproduce a variety of physiological conditions, for example, a set of biochemical experiments carried out in a frog egg extract or a set of mutant phenotypes of budding yeast.
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Ensemble is FileNet's ad-hoc workflow solution.
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a rare and wonderful beast
a classifier created by combining the predictions of multiple component classifiers
a collection of neural networks or other types of classifiers br t T
a set of separately trained classifiers whose predictions are combined to classify test cases
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a cast other than the principles
avideo in which all or most of the cast of a show appear.
Ensemble is a Linux based system, aimed at simplifying the process of building, configuring and deploying a home or workgroup office server.
Different Programs/Services will embeded in one Ensemble. A ensemble offers a total data rate of about 1,5 M it , hich the services have to share. One ensemble can in example content 6 Programs/Services with a data rate of 250 K it each. However it can be more if only speech services with low data rate will be transmitted
a two-way acoustic-suspension speaker using a three-inch woofer and a
a set of many replicas of the same system, which are identical in all other respects apart from being in different states at an instant of time
an assemblage of parts or details (as in a work of art) considered as forming a whole
an object having a single thread of control, while at the same time connoting an entity with internal parallelism
Ensemble is a toolkit for building reliable distributed applications. It has been available for free public release for over 3 years now and has been used in a number of commercial and research systems. Ensemble provides a library of protocols that can be used for quickly building complex distributed applications.
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A 1.536MHz block of carriers.