Definitions for "Enrollment status"
Your enrollment status indicates whether you're a full-time, half time, or part-time (less than half-time) student.
The classification you fall into based on the number of credits or equated credits for which you are registered and in attendance. At BMCC, you may have full-time (12 or more credits or equated credits) or part-time (fewer than 12 credits or equated credits) enrollment status. Part-time students can have an enrollment status of 3/4 time (9 to 11 credits or equated credits), half-time (6 to 8 credits or equated credits) or less than half-time (1 to 5 credits or equated credits).
Your educational institution's own classification of your attendance (as in "Bob's enrolled full-time" or "Mary's enrolled part-time"). Your enrollment status is important to your eligibility for an Astrive student loan. Students who do not know their enrollment status should contact their school's registrar's office.