Definitions for "Enlargement"
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The act of increasing in size or bulk, real or apparent; the state of being increased; augmentation; further extension; expansion.
Expansion or extension, as of the powers of the mind; ennoblement, as of the feelings and character; as, an enlargement of views, of knowledge, of affection.
Up to ten 'candidate countries' are expected to join the EU in 2004. Apart from Cyprus and Malta they are in central and eastern Europe. Romania and Bulgaria are expected to join later (perhaps in 2007), and Turkey's candidature has also been recognised.
Describes a sculpture that has been reproduced in a larger size from the original model.
An image, usually a print that is larger than the negative. Made by projecting an enlarged image of the negative onto sensitized paper.
Making a print from a negative or slide; generally, making a print larger than standard size, such as an 8x10-inch or bigger "blowup".
Diffusiveness of speech or writing; expatiation; a wide range of discourse or argument.
A setting at large, or being set at large; release from confinement, servitude, or distress; liberty.
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See Cartoon.
A subsequent water right awarded to a ditch or structure enlarging the amount of water granted originally. More than one enlargement may be awarded to a ditch or structure and each enlargement will have a priority related to the date it was filed for appropriation.
a discussion that provides additional information
the allowance of additional time to do a required act under the rules of civil procedure
a mapping that increases the distances between parallel lines by the same factor in all directions (in contrast, see reduction).
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see blow up.