Definitions for "Enhancement"
Information that is added to a list to improve it's value for the mailer. Examples would include source codes for tracking purposes and demographic information.
landscape improvement through restoration, reconstruction or creation.
Any process applied to a gemstone to improve its color or clarity; also heat enhancement, burning, cooking; see also treatment.
When the salmon population is increased by using hatcheries, incubation boxes, and spawning channels.
Production of fish at facilities such as hatcheries.
production of additional fish at a hatchery over and above fish produced at the facility for mitigation.
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where functionality in addition to the original Requirements Specification is to be designed, developed, acceptance tested and implemented.
Maintenance performed to provide additional functional or performance requirements.
Any additional information that can be appended to a list to increase its value to the mailer.
The act of increasing, or state of being increased; augmentation; aggravation; as, the enhancement of value, price, enjoyments, crime.
Additional confinement time added to the base prison term, based on specific circumstances such as use of a gun or knife when committing a crime.
Techniques used to make a remote sensing image more interpretable.
Altering an image to highlight some feature. This may include sharpening, outlining, reducing noise, etc.
The process of altering the appearance of an image so that the interpreter can extract more information. Enhancement may be done by digital or photographic methods.
Prolongation of graft survival by treatment with antibodies directed towards the graft alloantigens.
A way of re-introducing errors into a working program. Return
An amended version of a system containing new features, which either: 1. Are unnecessary. 2. Are too complicated to use 3. Attempt to remove bugs (see bug) but actually introduce more new bugs than they solve.
A form of generalization - the opposite of simplification.
A series of gray shades corresponding to thermal values that provide a thermal contrast to features on the imagery.
Activities conducted in existing wetlands or other aquatic resources which increase one or more aquatic functions.
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a repeat of the surgical procedure, which is occasionally done when the eye has under-responded
The work needed to increase an asset's service potential, which is regarded as capital expenditure. Enhancement extends an asset's useful life.
Environmental risk Equipment leasing partnership
string Simple The parameters of the enhancement or support provided.