Definitions for "English"
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A twist or spinning motion given to a ball in striking it that influences the direction it will take after touching a cushion or another ball.
To strike (the cue ball) in such a manner as to give it in addition to its forward motion a spinning motion, that influences its direction after impact on another ball or the cushion.
When the ball has a lot of spin in flight.
Of or pertaining to England, or to its inhabitants, or to the present so-called Anglo-Saxon race.
Collectively, the people of England; English people or persons.
The language of England or of the English nation, and of their descendants in America, India, and other countries.
Study task Piece of work to be undertaken by a student
Telephone help-line Use of telephone for a communication between a student and a tutor or between a potential student and someone who can give advice or guidance. Also used for assistance given by telephone to purchasers of software who have problems in making it function.
Collaborative learning A situation in which students learn from each other rather than from a teacher or learning materials. This is particularly valuable for high level professionals. Animation may be provided by a tutor or one of the students.
Interiorsfeature heavy use of wood, collections and patterened fabrics in traditional colors. Wood is used for floors, wainscoting and intricately-carved moldings. Fabrics consist of plaids, florals, paisleys and striped prints in color combinations of hunter green, navy blue, red and gold. Common collections include delicate china and silver pieces.
Butler, Shannon 626-6623 Herndon, Kathleen 626-6217 Young, James 626-7902
An English blend is usually one which has as it's base a Virginia tobacco, to which are added Oriental tobaccos, Latakia, and perhaps some Perique. In common usage, 'english' also denotes a tobacco that is free from artificial flavoring.
To dream, if you are a foreigner, of meeting English people, denotes that you will have to suffer through the selfish designs of others.
a required study for the VCE or VCAL, and subjects are selected according to the requirements of the Victorian Qualifications Authority (VQA)
To give the shooting marble backspin, causing the target marble to carom off in unexpected directions.
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Referring to riding with English tack and attire.
A style of riding
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Anglais/e Your name and where you're from
Smooth finish on uncoated paper (abbreviated EF).
Roll on roll off system A system which allows learners to begin (roll-on) and finish (roll-off) a course when it is convenient for them.
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A kind of printing type, in size between Pica and Great Primer. See Type.
Standard of competence The standard of competence for an occupation (also called occupational standards) define what a person in that occupation is expected to be able to do, the knowledge and skills required to do it and the "performance criteria" used to judge whether he/she doing it satisfactorily.
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a man who makes things because they haven't been done before
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See “sadism & masochism
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Bond: bricks that are put in different groups, shapes, style, or other ways.
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Spanish Unit yo Meeting people
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See 1st Bond, n., 8.