Definitions for "Endpoint "
(END-point) In a clinical trial an endpoint is an event or outcome that can be measured objectively to determine whether the treatment being studied is working. Examples of endpoints include survival, tumor regression and relief of symptoms.
the criterion or criteria used to judge the results of an intervention or action. Primary endpoints are the explicit variables that define the relationship being hypothesized. Secondary endpoints are measures that may result from the research or be defined by the research that are not related directly to the question(s) being studied.
Measurable ecological or toxicological characteristic or parameter of the test system (usually an organism) that is chosen as the most relevant assessment criterion (e.g. death in an acute test or tumour incidence in a chronic study).
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A source or sink of voice data, which may be physical (such as a trunk interface or a line interface in a media gateway) or logical (such as an announcement stored on a server).
An endpoint is a Netsize Active Gateway component which you integrate to a program to send and receive data in form of messages. It allows applications to communicate in a same environment or in heterogeneous environment.!-- if (navigator.appName=="Netscape") { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' height='14' width='687' border='0'");} else { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' style='border-style: none; height: 14px; float: none; width: 687px;' height='14' width='687' border='0'");
A Terminal, Gateway or Multipoint Conference Unit.
A point of termination or completion.
end point. Compare with equivalence point. The experimental estimate of the equivalence point in a titration.
the point marking the end of one stage of a process. In filtrate analysis, the endpoint is the point at which a particular result is achieved through titration.
In a Tivoli environment, the computer system that is the ultimate target for most Tivoli operations. Contrast with managed node.
a target for actual data transfers
An endpoint (or indicator/target) is a characteristic of an ecosystem that may be affected by exposure to a stressor. Assessment endpoints and measurement endpoints are two distinct types of endpoints commonly used by resource managers. An assessment endpoint is the formal expression of a valued environmental characteristic and should have societal relevance (an indicator). A measurement endpoint is the expression of an observed or measured response to a stress or disturbance. It is a measurable environmental characteristic that is related to the valued environmental characteristic chosen as the assessment endpoint. The numeric criteria that are part of traditional water quality standards are good examples of measurement endpoints (targets).
In toxicology, a biologic effect that is quantifiable and indicative of a toxic process.
A response measure in a toxicity study.
in toxicology, a quantifiable biological change or effect caused by a toxic process. Also refers to the point in an animal experiment when no more information can be obtained and the experiment is stopped.
A hardware based node which is at the 'end' of a network connection. This node can be a videoconference system, a video phone, or a PC.
a protocol port or named pipe on which the server application listens to for client remote procedure calls
Synonymous with ports. The ports of two codecs attached to a network, which are logically connected during a point-to-point videoconference are know as the endpoints.
Endpoint was a hardcore band from Louisville, Kentucky.
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Endpoint turns a Linux machine with one or more FireWire cards into an SBP-2 device. One can use any physical block device or file as storage. With multiple clients, each can potentially access the SBP-2 devices from a unique FireWire bus and utilize the full bandwidth of that bus.
a uniquely identifiable entity on a USB device, which is the source or terminus of the data that flows from or to the device
A node on the HUGnet network. Typically used to interface a bunch of sensors or actuators to the hugnet data line.
a thin layer of code that is translated between the standard interfaces and product-specific commands
The originating or destination location of a call request. Each person participating in a conference call is an endpoint.
a destination on any network capable of receiving datagram-style messages
The destination for presentment of an item drawn on a depository institution.
genotoxicity/ mutation: DNA damage
a description of a place which can be interrogated for statistical information
a representation of an interface on a router or switch from which statistics will be gathered
a logical device that provides video and/or voice media encoding/decoding, and signaling functions. Examples include: a group teleconferencing appliance that is located in a conference room an IP telephone. a software program that takes video and voice from a camera and microphone and encodes it and applies signaling using a host computer.
an application server proxy to a Message Driven Bean
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The end of processing of a heat in the furnace.
A phone or computer associated with a phone number and temporarily or permanently assigned an IP address.
a uniquely addressable portion of the peripheral that is the source or receiver of data
The name of the endpoint object through which the profile containing the monitor was distributed.
a SQL Server object that enables SQL Server to communicate over the network
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a place where something ends or is complete
a protocol-specific identifier of a service on a host machine
a specific channel through which two parties can communicate
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see Device Endpoint