Definitions for "ENDORSEMENTS"
These are special or unusual provisians that have the effect of varying a standard policy wording, or they may be alterations made to the cover offered by the insured or insurer, after the policy has begun.
(called Riders on bonds) are documents that are attached to the original policy that modify or change the original policy in some way. An endorsement my broaden coverage or may restrict coverage, or may extend coverage to an insured not on the original policy. It may also serve as a clarification of the policy's terms.
Additional title insurance coverage that protects you from situations that are not already included in your policy.
unless otherwise specified, endorsements should be either handwritten or computer generated by the doctor prescribing the medication. The endorsement can be written as "certified condition", or state the condition of the patient, where that condition is specified for the pharmaceutical in Section B of the Pharmaceutical Schedule. Where the doctor writes "certified condition" as the endorsement, he/she is making a declaration that the patient meets the criteria as set out in Section B of the Pharmaceutical Schedule.
An authorized marking on a mailpiece that shows handling instructions, a service, and a request for an ancillary service.
Recommendations to purchase a particular brand of product made in advertisements by well-known personalities or experts.