Definitions for "Endo"
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When the front wheel of a bike is stopped and the rider falls over the front of the handlebars.
(n) Where a rider flies over the handlebars. Comes from "end over end."
When the front wheel of a bike is stopped and rider falls over the front handlebars. (something you'd like to avoid!) EARNED NUMBER: The ranking within a given class and/or district at the end of the points season. ABA season is Jan 1st to December 15th of each year ENTRY FEE: Paid to register for any ABA sanctioned event. EXPERT: Highest level of amateur competition. FINISH POINTS: District or national points earned for respective finishes in any main event."FRIEND OF THE TRACK "or FOT: very special person or business who has donated money or supplies to Emery Park BMX to help the track and riders. In which in return Emery Park BMX track will promote at all racing events on the intercom system, also an sign hanging at the track during events, also by listing on track website.
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Gr.: within, inside] • A prefix used to designate an innermost structure. For example, endoderm, endocrine. (Contrast with ecto-, meso-.)
A prefix for inner.
internal; inside or originating from within the body or an organ.
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or ento- endon = within.
Endo is a four-piece nu metal/hard rock music group from Miami, Florida. The band formed in 1995 with Lou Orenstein, Diego Ponsa, Reggie Barret, and Gil Bitton. A local production company, "Concrete Management", signed the band in the late 90's, where they opened for such bands as the Foo Fighters and Static-X.
(Named after discoverer?) Indicates one of the variations of medium containing fuchsin and sulfite to distinguish organisms which do/do not ferment lactose.
brevicomin: a pheromone, produced by male SPB, which inhibits the responses of both sexes to attractive host trees and thus facilitates attacks on other new trees.
short for endocrinologist - your diabetes specialist.
Endocrinologist. A diabetes specialist or consultant.
short term for endometriosis
Endo is a simple, powerful 3D modeling program. It is good for making low-poly models for video games, and the like. Future version will provide texturing and rigging support.
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when used as a part of a word, means inward
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See endodontics.