Definitions for "Encyclopedia"
The circle of arts and sciences; a comprehensive summary of knowledge, or of a branch of knowledge; esp., a work in which the various branches of science or art are discussed separately, and usually in alphabetical order; a cyclopedia.
ENDORSEMENT: use only when the Times editorially endorses candidates or issues. ENERGY: catch-all term; may use for rate increases; may be used with NUCLEAR.
A book or series of books arranged alphabetically by topics containing information on areas of law, including citations to support the information.
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a comprehensive reference guide to the federal Title IV student assistance programs
a comprehensive synthesis of human knowledge either in general (e
a concise guide for anyone seeking to understand the true scientific nature of psychology
Commentaries that attempt to cover every area of the law very broadly. The major encyclopedias are American Jurisprudence 2d and Corpus Juris Secundum.
To dream of seeing or searching through encyclopedias, portends that you will secure literary ability to the losing of prosperity and comfort.
a bad place for this and it is damaging to the dignity to spend time making such bad blood in such pettyness
an invaluable resource for deciding bureaucratic issues
The data repository underlying DEAR; holds all the model's components (artifacts, domains)
a model that picks Quality
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fiction globe help menu
a superb vehicle for integrating the academic and the popular
a written compendium of human knowledge at the time of publishing
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a collection of facts
an example of a collection of documents which lacks flow between documents
an integral part of a CASE product and is designed by the CASE tool vendor specifically to collect and organize the detailed information about the data and process model system components developed using the CASE tool components
"A description of what is known about a concept. This is distinct from distinguishing one concept from another, closely related, concept."
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a compilation, for example
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a special kind of content
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a product to be sold
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a good example