Definitions for "Encumbrance"
That which encumbers; a burden which impedes action, or renders it difficult and laborious; a clog; an impediment. See Incumbrance.
Same as Incumbrance.
Any right to, or interest in, real property tht may exist in one other than the owner, but which will not prevent the transfer of fee title. A claim, lien, charge or liability attached to and binding real property.
Committing money for a specific purchase or service before payment is actually made, such as a Purchase Order, Requisition, GSU Services Request, etc. Encumbered funds are not available for use by the organization.
Commitments related to unperformed (executory) contracts for goods or services.
The recording of a commitment made against project funds to purchase material or services for which actual payment will not be made until materials are delivered or service rendered. Encumbrances are recorded when purchase orders, contracts, subcontracts, or other forms of purchase agreements are issued to the vendor.
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Encyclical EncycloZine
a feature of PeopleSoft finanical managment software which can be used to limit a department's spending to the amount allocated in its budget
(Budget Reservation) An account used to record the estimated amount of purchase orders, contracts, and salaries. The account is credited when goods or services are received.
A contracted obligation of available budget.
A restriction placed on a student's enrolment for breaching specified due dates and conditions relating to matters such as enrolment fees, library loans, residential fees or student loans. Encumbrances limit students' access to services provided by the University including IT and Library access, the ability to vary enrolments in any way, despatch of course materials (off-campus students) and re-enrolment information, access to assessment results, examination date/location advice (off-campus students) and approval to graduate.
Estimated charges obligated but not yet disbursed for salaries and employee benefits. These estimates are based on start dates, end dates, FTE's, earnings types and benefits indicators input from Personnel Action Forms and Employee Benefits Enrollment Forms into the payroll system and translated to the accounting system. (Encumbrances can also be incurred for other university obligations.) That subset of projected payroll expenses that is fed to account.
The equipment, treasure, and other burdens carried by a character given in 1 pound equal to 10 coins. (D&D 1)
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Exempt subscription
If you owe money that is past due, the Student Accounts Office will put an encumbrance on your account. You will not be able to register, get an official transcript, or obtain other services from the university until you have settled your account.
Exclusively represented employee
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Money set aside for a PURCHASE ORDER which has been placed with a VENDOR, but not yet paid for because the product or service has not yet been received.
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Equity Equity Sharing