Definitions for "encroachment"
A structure, or part of a structure, built on another individuals property.
The act of entering gradually or silently upon the rights or possessions of another; unlawful intrusion.
That which is taken by encroaching on another.
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A player makes contact with opposing team's player on the other side of the line of scrimmage before the snap is given. Paitsio (Pinomaa)
When a player enters the neutral zone and makes contact with an opponent before the ball is snapped.
if a player (besides the center) is in the neutral zone and contact occurs prior to the snap; a foul punishable by a 5-yard penalty.
Used when either the normal anatomic volume of the spinal canal or the nerve root opening in the vertebrae is reduced or encroached upon, giving less space for the spinal canal or the nerve roots. Ordinarily, it indicates pressure on the dural sac or the nerve root, due to a degenerative disc and the resulting bony growths such as osteophytes, or by fragmented discs. The word usually describes spinal stenosis.
It is a reduction in the normal anatomic volume of the spinal canal or foraminal space.
Any physical object placed in a floodplain that hinders the passage of water or otherwise affects the flood flows.
Development of floodplains results in the restriction of natural overflow areas that are needed by streams and playa areas during flooding conditions.
any entry into an area not previously occupied; "an invasion of tourists"; "an invasion of locusts"
physical occupation of space or habitat which was previously occupied by another species, resulting in displacement of this species or destruction of the species, if no alternative space or habitat is available.
the displacement of an existing use by a non-conforming use, such as the introduction of a factory in a residential area.
situation in which franchisors compete with franchisees by putting an outlet nearby or setting up alternative distribution channels such as mail order or the Internet
influencing strongly; "they resented the impingement of American values on European culture"
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