Definitions for "Encapsulation"
The process to bind or seal asbestos or lead, and prevents it’s airborne release.
Output protected by sealing usually with a clear laminate on both sides and with an edge seal, so that no area is exposed to moisture.
Generic term for protection of assemblies, reducing the effects of environmental conditions.
The grouping of messages and data within something we call an object, such that other objects can't see the data and can only get access to it via messages.
In object-oriented programming, the process of hiding the internal workings of a class to support or enforce abstraction. A class's interface, which is public, describes what a class can do, while the implementation, which is private or protected, describes how it works.
keeping all of the state and behavior information associated with the implementation of a type together in a single module, in a way such that the state of an object can only be viewed or modified via the behaviors associated with that object. Encapsulation provides a mechanism to protect the data in a computer program.
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Use of an intermediary protocol to ensure the transport of a non-compatible protocol with the network. Generally, X.25 or PPP is used.
The wrapping of data in a particular protocol header. For example, Ethernet data is wrapped in a specific Ethernet header before network transit. Also, when bridging dissimilar networks, the entire frame from one network is simply placed in the header used by the data link layer protocol of the other network. See also tunneling.
To wrap data in a particular type of protocol header. See tunnelling.
The act of inclosing in a capsule; the growth of a membrane around (any part) so as to inclose it in a capsule.
Active process of walling off a parasite by the host through the formation of a connective tissue capsule (trichinosis).
A form of protective enclosure for paper and other flat objects. It involves placing the item between two sheets of transparent polyester film and sealing some or all of the edges. The object is thus physically supported and protected from the atmosphere and during handling. Because the object is not fixed to the polyester, it can be removed by cutting one or more edges of the polyester. Note: The object may continue to deteriorate in the capsule.
the treatment of ACBM with material that surrounds or embeds asbestos fibers in an adhesive matrix to prevent the release of fibers, as the encapsulant creates a membrane over the surface (bridging encapsulant) or penetrates the material and binds its components together (penetrating encapsulant).
Surrounding a fiber, yarn or fabric with another material.
A hard rugged epoxy surrounding the LED die, provides diffusion & lensing of the LED light.
The process of upgrading partitions and Windows NT 4.0 Disk Administrator RAID volumes to dynamic volumes by upgrading the disk(s) they are on to dynamic. See the section Upgrade Disks with Legacy Volumes to Dynamic in the Volume Management chapter for details.
A process that converts existing partitions on a specified disk to volumes. Encapsulation does not apply to HP-UX.
A process that converts existing partitions on a specified disk to volumes. If any partitions contain file systems, /etc/vfstab entries are modified so that the file systems are mounted on volumes instead.
A method for immobilizing cells for use in a bioreactor, usually based on the use of polysaccharides or collagen to coat cells. Also, cell encapsulation is used in tissue engineering.
The coating of a potentially hazardous material to prevent the substance from airborne release
OO Programming Method
In Hoyer's terminology, progressive dedication of information processing and fluid thinking to specific knowledge systems, making knowledge more readily accessible and compensating for declines in cognitive machinery. (488)
A contamination remediation process that encapsulates the contaminants to prevent leaching and surface seepage of contamination into either the air, groundwater, or storm drainage system.
The process of ‘packaging' records with enough metadata to preserve their content and context, and to support their reconstruction at some time in the future.
Building a secure wall around a set of entities so that access from outside is limited to only those entities that have been explicitly designated as accessible. In Ada, a package is used for encapsulation.
The C++ concept of grouping related variables and controlling the operations performed apon them. The encapsulated variables can be considered to be contained in their own environment.
Used interchangeably with POTTING. Refers to the enclosure of an item in a substance. Sometimes used specifically in reference to the enclosure of capacitors or modules.
Injection molding around the perimeter of an AG part.
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In general, encapsulation is the inclusion of one thing within another thing so that the included thing is not apparent.
IBM's definition . In short, 1972's calendar matches 2000's calendar--a difference of 28 years.
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the process of combining elements to create a new entity