Definitions for "Emulsion"
Any liquid preparation of a color and consistency resembling milk; as: (a) In pharmacy, an extract of seeds, or a mixture of oil and water united by a mucilaginous substance. (b) In photography, a liquid preparation of collodion holding salt of silver, used in the photographic process.
Compare with colloid. colloid formed from tiny liquid droplets suspended in another, immiscible liquid. Milk is an example of an emulsion.
A dispersion of small oil particles in a solution.
The photo sensitive coating on photographic film.
The light-sensitive layer of film or paper. In black and white films the emulsion usually consists of very fine grain of silver halide suspended in gelatin, Which blacken when exposed to light. The emulsion of colour films contains molecules of dye in addition to the silver halide.
A light-sensitive pigment coating on film, plates and color key proofs.
A semiliquid material that dries hard and is used in preparing stencils for screen-printing.
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A substance that has been treated with an emulsifier.