Definitions for "Employees"
All individuals to whom this chapter applies (see para 1-3.)
are people who work for an employer under a contract of employment. The term is used throughout Sections 1 & 2 of the handbook and the Code of Practice. The statutory discipline, dismissal and grievance procedures apply only to employees although it is good practice to give all workers access to disciplinary and grievance procedures
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an AXA shareholder, so they too benefit from the higher dividend
an obvious benefit to OHA
an influential number of Praetorians whose political corruption threatens the whole agency
a serious issue to an agency
can be either the regular employees of an insured or employees of an employment contractor temporarily working for the insured. The policy definition of an employee may be changed by endorsement, many of which are built into the CrimeSHIELD policy form.
Thirty Seven and One Half Hour Work Week for Civil Service Employees
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The number of employees of a firm is its average number of persons employed for each pay period over the firm's latest 12 months. Any person on the payroll must be included as one employee regardless of hours worked or temporary status. The number of employees of a firm in business under 12 months is based on the average for each pay period it has been in business.
This is the total number of full time or full time equivalent Employees.
means the number of persons employed by the debtor as of the last Form 10-K before filing. Part time employees are counted the same as full time employees.
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a key job of PASS