Definitions for "EMP"
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EMR predicted (orbit)
electromagnetic pulse. Caused by lightning and other high-energy phenomena. Capable of coupling enough energy into unshielded conductors to destroy electronic devices. See also Tempest.
Eletromagnetic pulse weapons that send a strong electromagnetic burst which destroys the circuits in electronical equipment and renders it useless.
Excessive Multi-Posting or Multiple Posts: The same post made multiple times to the same group(s). Sometimes called "Billboarding" or "Hammering" Most service-providers have limits on that as well as ECP, so there too you would need to read your service-provider's policies to determine the maximum allowed. Note that in the Warez groups ONE identical post (per day) is the maximum the group's users consider appropriate (barring the occasional slip of the ENTER-key, of course.). Any more than that is considered "Billboarding" or "Hammering", and the author is often kill-filed on sight.
Excessive Multi-Posting. Posting an article to dozens of newsgroups or more, one newsgroup per post. Worse than ECP, because it consumes much more bandwidth and is a greater annoyance to readers. The FAQ states that EMP means, essentially, "too many separate copies of a substantively identical article".
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A domestic interline container service offered by Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern. Also included in the program are agent railroads such as I&M Rail Link, Iowa Interstate, Wisconsin Central and Kansas City Southern. EMP provides a fleet of nearly 25,000 48' and 53' domestic containers and chassis that may move throughout a large network.
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Energi Mega Persada Tbk.
The Emerging Markets Program is funded by FAS through cooperator and other groups for the purpose of expanding export and trade opportunities in emerging market countries (as defined by per capita income).
Environmental Management Plan
Environmental Management Programme
Event Monitoring Point. A point in CICS code at which CICS monitoring data is collected.
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Extended Maintenance Plan
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The emp Element