Definitions for "EMI"
Electromagentic interference.
Energy generated by outside sources, such as lighting systems and electric motors, which is received by copper data/voice cable and interferes with transmission.
Signals emanating from internal or external sources that disrupt or prevent operation of electronic systems. In present practice, the term "EMI" (which refers to the emission of unwanted signals), has been replaced by "EMC" (which refers to both emissions and susceptibility).
EMI is noise which, when coupled into sensitive electronic circuits, may cause problems.
is Equal Monthly Installments (finance/business).
Unwanted noise during the operation of a power supply or other electrical or electronic equipment.
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(Exchange Message Interface) EMI is the industry-standard record layout for the exchange of call detail between customer and the LEC for the purpose of applying debit or credit amounts to the end-user accounts. The EMI standards are maintained and provided by Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
External Memory Interface Industry
External Machine Interface (EMI), an extension to Universal Computer Protocol (UCP), is a protocol primarily used to connect to short message service centres for mobile telephones. The protocol was developed by Logica CMG, the current SMSC market leader.
European Monetary Institute. Located in Frankfurt, the EMI has been responsible for the preparatory phase of the euro changeover since 1994 and will be succeeded by the ECB in May 1998.
European Monetary Institute, the forerunner of the European Central Bank.
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The EMI Group is a music company comprising the major record label, EMI Music, based in Brook Green in London, England, and EMI Music Publishing, based on Charing Cross Road, London. EMI Music is one of the Big Four record labels, and the largest music publisher in the world. However if the planned sale of BMG Music Publishing to Universal goes through, they will only be the second largest of the Big Four.
Emmanuel Mission International
ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING, INC.. Philip Morris Outside Promotional Events Agency
(UK) Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) - Comp... Add a comment
Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
Ecosystems Management Initiative, school of Natural Resources and the Environment
Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative
Eye Movement Integration addresses physical, sensory, and emotional stuckness, experienced after individual or multiple psychological traumas.
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Elderly Mentally Ill
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Emphasis Encrypt (Encryption)
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name which means "blessed with beauty", from the japanese "e", meaning "blessed" or "rich", and "mi", meaning "beauty".
Emergency Management Institute
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A borrower must make this payment each month towards repayment of interest and principal of a loan taken by him.
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Extended Market Index