Definitions for "Emergent"
n., (ME. Fr. L. emergent-, emergens, pres. part. of emergere, to emerge - more at emerge) any of various plants (as a cattail) rooted in shallow water and having most of the vegetative growth above the water.
A plant rising above canopy or water.
protruding above the water surface (eg emergent vegetation).
Rising or emerging out of a fluid or anything that covers or conceals; issuing; coming to light.
"refers to a property of a collection of simple subunits that comes about through the interactions of the subunits and is not a property of any single subunit.... Usually the emergent behavior is unanticipated and cannot be directly deduced from the lower-level behaviors." [2] See for a historical and philosophical treatment.
coming into existence; "a nascent republic"
Suddenly appearing; arising unexpectedly; calling for prompt action; urgent.
calling for prompt or urgent action fecal occult blood test - a noninvasive test that detects the presence of hidden (occult) blood in the stool.
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Emergent was a 2003 album by Gordian Knot.
Being in plain view on the surface of the substrate; the opposite of cryptic. Emergent abalone is defined as abalone that can be surveyed without moving habitat or using artificial lights.
( Costa) - One with perichaetial leaves reaching top of costa but not concealing it.
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The tops of the tallest trees in a rainforest.
The patient requires an immediate procedure or treatment due to a situation which threatens life or limb. Treatment is typically provided in an emergency room in a hospital.
Describes a property of a system that is not predictable from the starting conditions.