Definitions for "Emer"
Keywords:  forgall, daughter, wife, eimear, wily
Forgall Manach’s daughter and Mananann’s last wife. Conchobar wanted Cuchulainn to married her but Forgall didn’t agree and send Cuchulainn to Scathach. He was thinking Cuchulainn never come back. But the hero came back, fled with Emer and married her. A long time after, Emer was jealous of Fand, the mistress of Cuchulainn and wanted to kill her, but finally, she gave her pardon. Conchobar’s druid gave her the drink of everlasting forget.
In the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology, Emer, or in modern Irish Eimear, daughter of Forgall the Wily, was Cúchulainn's wife.
Emer is a continent on Kulthea, a fictional planet that serves as the backdrop for Iron Crown Enterprises’ Rolemaster campaign setting called Shadow World. Roughly located within the center of the western hemisphere, this large and diverse land consists of a multitude of ecological and climatic contexts. Its geography is extensively diverse, and consists of fractured and coasts, tall mountains, and sprawling plains and deserts.
a large fragment of oceans and water with many archipelagos and a few islands, and several large swamps. In addition to human-occupied islands, Emer is the home nations of several sea races and of lizard men. Origin fragment of Chiism.