Definitions for "Embossing"
See repoussè.
A depression in the printed piece created by a special die attached to a letterpress.
Applying a special effect to an image that gives it a 3-D, embossed-looking surface.
The tablet identification protrudes above the tablet face or punch cup. Embossing creates a three-dimensional appearance.
also known as Braille graphics, these types of tactile diagram rely on the principle of a printer punching dots into paper. The dots are arranged in such a way as to form graphics.
Most materials will emboss satisfactorily. Robert Horne provides an on-site one-sided embossing service in nine finishes for materials between 140 and 400g/m².
A permanent film deformation caused by repeated projections with very high-intensity lamps. This distortion has not been observed to have a detrimental effect on screen image quality.
Displacing of a minor amount of metal without noticeable reduction in sheet metal thickness.