Definitions for "Embossed"
Keywords:  imprint, engraved, boss, raised, relief
Formed or covered with bosses or raised figures.
Having a part projecting like the boss of a shield.
The overall design or pattern impressed in paper when passed between metal rolls engraved with the desired pattern. Produced on a special embossing machine after the paper has dried to create finishes such as linen.
Keywords:  carved, tibet, augments, chinese, motif
A process of carving around a design or symbol to enhance the look of the rug. Commonly done in some Chinese and Tibet rugs.
Carved pile around a design or motif that augments the look of the pattern.
Decorative designs molded or carved on to furniture.
Keywords:  repouss, see
See repoussé.
Keywords:  protuberant, swollen
Swollen; protuberant.