Definitions for "Email marketing"
Email marketing is a hugely inexpensive way to reach your target audience compared to traditional paper based marketing. Email marketing works by sending targeted emails to selected individuals (who have given permission for their email address to be used) so that your message can be presented to your target audience very quickly and cost effectively. Adido Solutions work in partnership several email marketing companies to bring our clients and their customers closer together. Call us on 01202 853610 for more information.
Email marketing (or e-mail marketing) is the use of email to send a targeted message, information or offer to a designated set of customers. Email is a powerful 'push' method for online marketers as opposed to the pull medium of websites, but due to the rise of SPAM, it is essential to use full opt-in list for email marketing to ensure ethical and legal compliance.
Promotion of products and services to customers via email.
Includes: list building strategies, list management/ segmentation/ categorisation, strategy development, creative, template development, online survey solutions, delivery, tracking and analysis, design & build of website/microsites, digital animation, mentoring, use of best practice, legal compliance regarding Spam Act.
Like direct mail online. This is the process of broadcasting commercial advertisements or solicitations to masses of people over the Internet.