Definitions for "Elevators"
Keywords:  flaps, airplane, pitch, trailing, tail
movable surfaces on the trailing edge of canards or ram wings that direct airflow; also ailerons, flaps, flippers.
The part of the airplane that controls the pitch.
Control surfaces on the horizontal part of the tail that are used to make the airplane pitch. Pulling back on the control stick will raise the elevators. This causes the aircraft to pitch and increase the angle of attack.
Keywords:  clamp, latch, hinged, derrick, drill
clamps that grip a stand of casing, tubing, drill pipe, or sucker rods so that the stand can be raised or lowered into the hole.
n pl: on rotary rigs and top drive rigs, hinged steel devices with manual operating handles that crew members latch onto a tool joint (or a sub).
A heavy, hinged clamp in the derrick that is attached to the hook and traveling block by bail-like arms. The elevators are used for lifting drill pipe, casing, and tubing and lowering them into the hole. In hoisting a joint of drill pipe, the elevators are latched on to the pipe just below the tool joint (coupling), which prevents the pipe from slipping through the elevators.
There are several elevators in the building. The Tower elevators are located in the center of the building. These are the only elevators that service all the floors of the library. There is another elevator that services the ground floor and floors one through three. This is located near the restrooms. See also: Tower Elevators Equipment Check out See: Circulation Desk
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A yes/no field to indicate if elevators are included.