A method of printing on various types of paper, vellum and films, which creates an image by means of an electrostatic charge on a polished plate and attracting magnetic ink (toner) to it. In turn, this image is transferred to paper by heat and pressure. A photocopy machine uses an electrostatic process. Laser printers and LED printers are also electrostatic printers. See also LASER PRINTER LED PRINTER TONER
Printing process which works by creating an image with an electrostatic charge on a polished plate, attracting magnetic ink (toner) to the plate, and transferring it to paper with heat and pressure.
Printing large-format prints in a process similar to, but not the same as, color photocopiers. If properly done, (and laminated) the images are used for billboards, truck graphics, banners, signs or murals.
The property of a material which relates to the degree of its growth or shrinkage.