Definitions for "Electronic Shutter"
Employing an electronic shutter, the camera CCD integration time (exposure) can be controlled to less than 1/60 or 1/50 sec to reduce smear when capturing fast moving objects. All light sensitive sensors can be simultaneously erased (while darkened shift registers are not affected). Effective time of exposure (the time between erasing the sensor and start of the read out process) can thus be freely controlled by the camera electronics. Note: Unless using a progressive scan camera, one shutter grabs just one half an image (one field). It means that in case of composing full frame image, both odd and even fields will be shifted each other (the odd field of real image is captured at a different point of time than the even field is).
Is a feature of all cameras offered at This feature automatically changes the speed at which light is captured in fields of video by the CCD image sensor. Automatic electronic shutter determines the amount of light available and helps deliver the best quality video by dynamically adjusting for the current lighting conditions by toning down light levels in very bright situations and boosting brightness in low lighting situations.
A camera feature that compensates for changes in light conditions, from bright sunlight to dim indoor lighting.