Definitions for "Electronic Product Code"
Keywords:  epc, rfid, ean, barcode, epcglobal
A 96-bit code of numbers, which provides unique identification for physical objects in the supply chain. The ePC acts simply as a number providing a pointer or address to information about the object in question held in databases sitting on local networks or the Internet.
An item identification system based on RFID that includes technical specifications for the RFID system plus a structure and syntax for company identification codes, item naming conventions, and Web-based distributed data bases. Jointly administered by the Uniform Code Council and EAN International under the auspices of EPCglobal.
A 96-bit code, created by the Auto-ID Center, that will one day replace barcodes. The EPC has digits to identify the manufacturer, product category and the individual item. It is backed by the United Code Council and EAN International, the two main bodies that oversee barcode standards.