Definitions for "Electronic Data Capture"
Process of electronically authorizing, capturing and settling a credit card transaction
Entering and processing the sales drafts by electronic means. In some retail stores, credit card sale authorizations are acquired at the time of the purchase. Sale drafts are captured by sending the sales draft data from the Point of Sale terminal to be processed at the end of the day. In online payment schemes, capture is used to denote the electronic deposit of the sales draft with the acquiring bank.
On-line terminal automatically linked to Bangkok Bank's automatic authorization credit card system that provides real-time transaction validations.
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EMEA Endpoint
Capturing patient medical data electronically, rather than on paper saves time and increases accuracy of trial data.
An Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system is a computerized system designed for the collection of clinical data in electronic format for use mainly in human clinical trials.
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This is the input into CREST of the details of a stock deposit. See Stock Deposit.