Definitions for "Electronic Check"
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An electronic version or representation of a paper check. The account holder writes an e-check using a computer or other type of electronic device and transmits the e-check to the payee electronically. Like paper checks, e-checks are signed by the payer and endorsed by the payee. Rather than handwritten or machine-stamped signatures, however, e-checks are affixed with digital signatures. The payee deposits the e-check, receives credit, and the payee’s bank clears the e-check to the paying bank. The paying bank validates the e-check and then charges the check writer’s account for the check.
A check in an electronic form, deliverable through the network.
a check that is written without paper
a convenient Internet purchase instrument that many Internet shoppers (your customers) use
a convenient Internet purchase type that many Internet shoppers use
an important purchase instrument you can offer to your customers for use in purchasing goods and services from you on the Internet
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a way to make a payment on line