Definitions for "Electronic book"
A book that is published in computer-readable form and is usually available via the Internet. Often there are print and electronic versions of a book, but there are also some electronic-only titles. There are two main sources of electronic books available through the University Libraries. You can search the catalog using the "electronic materials:" option, choosing "electronic books" from the pulldown menu and then limit the results by author, title, subject, etc. Illustration of limit button. Or you can search the BigChalk Electronic Library provided by the Nebraska Library Commission and made possible by funding from the State of Nebraska. In addition, there are collections of books and documents that have been digitized, usually literature and historical documents, in the E-Text Collections section of the Internet Resources Collection.
The Electronic Book is a system in which characters, graphics and sound are written onto an 8cm CD. This is mainly used for dictionaries or information databases. The Electronic Book is based on the "Electronic Book Standard," by which the data formats and search methods have been established. Titles produced under Electronic Book standards can be utilized with the same user interface.
Text materials translated into machine readable form. Typically 'marked up' (ie. encoded) into Hypertext with the addition of sound and pictures eg. Hypercard, Supercard or the HTML format used for the World Wide Web. Also Sony hand-held reader which can deliver sound and images as well as text.
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See 'ebook.'
a fragmentary and potential text, a series of self-contained units rather than an organic, developing whole
a powerful vehicle for promoting your website
a publication that does not exist on paper but instead it is in an electronic format