Definitions for "Electromagnetic Field"
Form of energy which consists of two oscillating forces (said to be at right angles to each other), an electric component and a magnetic component. Examples of electromagnetic energy include: powerline fields, radio waves; light; x-rays; gamma rays, etc.
The field of force associated with electric charge in motion. Both electric and magnetic components are contained within this field. Spirit energies generate electrostatic fields contained in the electromagnetic spectrum of energies.
Electromagnetic fields are created by charged particles in motion. AC current (such as is found in most electronic and computing devices) is a common generator of electromagnetic fields.
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A form of radiation given off by all electrical devices. Most notably for computer users, CRT computer monitors used to give off potentially dangerous...
an area of energy which occurs round any electrically conductive or active item
The region in which electromagnetic radiation from a source exerts an influence on another object with or without there being contact between them.
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See electromagnetic spectrum.