Definitions for "Electro"
Keywords:  funk, kraftwerk, deadpan, vocoder, rap
70s style funk performed with synthesizers.
Electro, short for electro funk (also known as robot hip hop and Electro hop) is an electronic style of hip hop directly influenced by Kraftwerk and funk records (unlike earlier rap records which were closer to disco). Records in the genre typically have electronic sounds and some vocals are delivered in a deadpan, mechanical manner often through a vocoder or other electronic distortion.
Electro is the name of several fictional comic book characters in the Marvel Comics universe, including two from Marvel's predecessors, Timely Comics and Atlas Comics.
Keywords:  shocks, stimulation
Stimulation using electric shocks.
Keywords:  feed, paper
Electromagnetic paper feed
Chemical Plating A deposition process in which metals are removed from a chemical solution and deposited on a charged surface.
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when used as a part of a word, means electricity
An electrotype.