Definitions for "Electrical"
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Pertaining to electricity; consisting of, containing, derived from, or produced by, electricity; as, electric power or virtue; an electric jar; electric effects; an electric spark; an electric charge; an electric current; an electrical engineer.
Amperage: A term indicating the amount or consumption of electrical current. Kilovolt-Ampere (K.V.A.): A unit of electromotive force equal to 1,000 volt amperes. Three Phase Power: A 3-wire electrical service used to power machinery. Bus Duct: A metal clad enclosure containing electrical wiring designed for randomly plugging in electrical drops to machinery at desired location. Voltage: 110, 208, 240, 480-type service.
relating to or concerned with electricity; "an electrical engineer"; "electrical and mechanical engineering industries"
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Electrifying; thrilling; magnetic.
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The electrical performance of the tape samples is measured and compared to the VHS-standard reference tape (the JVC VRT-2). The published numbers represent how much better (+) or worse (-) then the industry standard tape each tape sample performed (the JVC VRT-2 scores 0.0 for every parameter).
powered by electricity; as, electrical appliances; an electric toothbrush; an electric automobile.
using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity; "electric current"; "electric wiring"; "electrical appliances"; "an electrical storm"
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device : Anything that uses electricity or batteries. See a couple of Lego Logo Images, then go visit
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Light Fixtures - Outdoor Electrical
Capable of occasioning the phenomena of electricity; as, an electric or electrical machine or substance; an electric generator.
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