Definitions for "Electric Energy"
Keywords:  kilowatt, kwh, gigawatt, megawatt, btu
means and capability of electricity to do work , measured in Watt and commonly expressed in kiloWatt-hours (or in MegaWatt -hours or in GigaWatt -hours)
As commonly used in the electric utility industry, electric energy is measured in kilowatt-hours.
Available heat in electricity; one kilowatt hour equals 3,412.97 Btu.
The ability of an electric current to produce work, heat, light, or other forms of energy. It is measured in kilowatthours.
Electric energy is what you use to run your computers, applicances, and other communications devices.
the kinetic energy of moving electrons produced either by generators or electric cells
Keywords:  particles, flow, charged
The flow of charged particles (electrons).