Definitions for "Elders"
A time honored tradition of identifying and relying on the wisdom and discernment of specially gifted "sages" of tribes, communities or congregations. Members of the Session in Presbyterian polity.
all who belong to the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles
Key person and keepers of various knowledge within Aboriginal communities.
Highly respected persons and keepers of knowledge within Aboriginal communities.
Elders originally were appointed for life. Their purpose was to foster the spiritual life of the Meeting and of the individuals in the Meeting.
Friends appointed to be especially responsible for the spiritual life of meetings. This appointment is for three years, but may be renewed. It does not confer particular status on the role holder. Friends believe firmly in the equality of all worshippers.
Members of a Meeting appointed to be responsible for the ordering of the spiritual life of that Meeting. Back to previous page
(EL┬Ěders). In early Christianity men charged with ministerial, teaching, and administrative responsibility by the laying on of hands for the office of ministry as overseers. More Information.
The first office in the Melchizedek Priesthood
Elders of the Moravians are Catalogued in Chapter 1 of the Chronicles and are basically to blame for all of these writings
Khur Leaders? rulers? of all Khur
group of leaders of a church community
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The name given to foremen of warehouses in the EIC Home Civil Service in London.
In the WB television show Charmed, the Elders are a fictional group of people who oversee good magic. Originally, they are referred to as "The Founders", but all subsequent episodes/seasons use the term "Elders".
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The third-degree and second-degree members of a coven.