Definitions for "Elbow"
The posterior region of the articulation between the arm and forearm.
The joint in the forelimb created by the articulation of the humerus (arm) above and the tibia/fibula (forearm) below.
The bend of an arm. The flexure or angle in a wall. A joint in a pipe making a bend. To jut into an angle.
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The joint or bend of the arm; the outer curve in the middle of the arm when bent.
Any turn or bend like that of the elbow, in a wall, building, and the like; a sudden turn in a line of coast or course of a river; also, an angular or jointed part of any structure, as the raised arm of a chair or sofa, or a short pipe fitting, turning at an angle or bent.
A sharp angle in any surface of wainscoting or other woodwork; the upright sides which flank any paneled work, as the sides of windows, where the jamb makes an elbow with the window back.
Connects the hopper to the gun, also tend to break at the worst times.
Slang for hopper adapter.
A plastic or metal accessory that allows a hopper (see below) to be attached to a paintball gun.
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The elbow length veil is most appropriate in an informal setting. May be used in combination with longer layers to create the blusher or face veil. May be up to 25" in length.
As the name implies, this type of veiling extends 25 inches in length to the bride's elbows.
A length of veil which reaches down to the bride's elbows.
Close quarter weapon used in almost all martial arts stystems. It is of particular interest to the Muay Thai fighters of Thailand.
A device used to connect a medium voltage cable to an electrical component such as a switch or transformer. Its name is derrived from the fact that its shape is an "L". Elbows are manufactured by the Elastimold division of Thomas & Betts. [Go to source
An insulated and shielded device for connecting high-voltage cables to apparatus.
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To push or hit with the elbow, as when one pushes by another.
To push rudely along; to elbow one's way.
push one's way with the elbows
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shove one's elbow into another person's ribs
Elbow is an alternative rock band that emerged from the late 1990s music scene in Manchester, England.
The connecting point of the wings of a boomerang. The term centre is generally used for boomerangs with three, or more, wings.
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the part of a sleeve that covers the elbow; "his coat had patches over the elbows"
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Also called the "junction;" a term often used to indicate the area of the court where the free-throw line and side of the key meet.
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0.45kg (1lb) of pot
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a good example of this