Definitions for "Elastomers"
Elastomers are polymers (see below) which are elastic, that is they move with the fiber like a rubber band expands and contracts. All Nikwax polymers are also elastic. These elastomers provide increased performance.
(n) A special class of polymers that can withstand elastic deformation, then return to their original shape and size. Natural rubber, polyacrylate, ethylene propylene, neoprene, polysulfide, silicone, and urethane are types of elastomers.
Resilient materials having elastic properties (rubber, synthetic rubber or plastics).
Polymeric materials (cured goods) which are solidified in a glasslike manner at temperatures significantly below 0 °C and which do not flow in a viscous manner even at high temperatures but behave elastically in the range between their glass point and their decomposition temperature
Elastomers are present throughout the engines cooling system and are present in seals and gaskets used to contain coolant as it passes from one section of the cooling system to another. The inadvertent presence of fuel and oils in the coolant can lead to premature elastomer (seal) failure. Elastomers should be carefully chosen for the conditions to which they will be applied. Use of an elastomer at a higher temperature than it was designed for can lead to premature failure