Definitions for "EIS"
EIS - Extensible Information System DrGHOST 2006
executive information system. A system that supports management's strategic planning function.
Electronic Information Services
Electronic Image Stabiliser. Feature that minimises effect of camera shake. Originally designed for video cameras. Canon has transfer the technology over to its EF lenses, we expect more Canon's EF lenses will adopt this feature.
Electronic image stabilization: Camcorder circuitry that alters an image to counter shaking. It can make an image more blurry.
Abbreviation for electronic image stabilization, circuitry that attempts to counteract the negative effects of shaking the camera by electronically altering the image, oftentimes resulting in the increase of blur.
"Epidemic Intelligence Service (E.I.S.). Part of the Centers for Disease Control dedicated to investigating outbreaks of disease."
EPIDEMIOLOGY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE. The department of the CDC which investigates outbreaks of new diseases; formerly, in the fifties, concerned with biowarfare research.
nvironmental mpact tatement, required by the National Environmental Policy Act (see NEPA).
Environment Impact Statement
Emissions Inventory Statement
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An ISV that has developed ASAI-compliant CTI applications, including Centenium and OCM Gold.
Educational Institute of Scotland
The oldest teaching union in the world. The Institute plays a full part in the trade union movement in Scotland, the rest of the United Kingdom and international teacher affairs through affiliation to and active participation in the trade union organisations.
See Expanded Interconnection Service.
Expanded Interconnection Service. A service that provides interconnecting carriers with the capability to terminate basic fiber optic transmission facilities, including optical terminating equipment and multiplexers, at Verizon's wire centers and access tandems and interconnect those facilities with the facilities of Verizon.
Equipment Imbalance Surcharge.
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Personal equity investment in qualifying trading companies allows the investor income tax relief at 20 per cent of the amount invested and capital gains tax benefits on the eventual sale. The conditions for relief are complex and restrictive, including a requirement to hold shares for five years.
Early Intervention Service
Enhance Interactive Services