Definitions for "EIC"
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Euro Info Centre
EiC was launched in March 1999 by the Prime Minister and Secretary of State. Its aim is to raise standards in specific city areas through targeted intervention and investment. EiC is mainly focused on secondary schools. The main programmes involved are: extending opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils; expansion of the number of specialist and Beacon schools; establishing City Learning Centres; introducing new smaller Education Action Zones; providing access to Learning Mentors; and establishing Learning Support Units to tackle disruption.
Excellence in Cities
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(USA) Earned Income Tax Credit.... Add a comment
Earn Income Credit
Earned Income Credit. The Earned Income Credit is a refundable federal or state tax benefit designed to help low-income workers increase their financial stability and maintain their independence from the welfare system. It has several important purposes: to reduce taxes, supplement wages, and make work more attractive than welfare.
Extensive intraductal carcinoma. EIC is generally said to exist when 25% or more of the primary invasive tumour mass is comprised of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), and when areas of DCIS co-exist in the adjacent breast tissue. EIC is a predictor for high relapse rates following wide local excision and radiotherapy.
Extracted Ion Chromatogram. A (mass spec) chromatogram in which the intensity (y-axis) for each data point on the x-axis (time) reflects the intensity for just one ion in the underlying mass spectrum at that data point. The user specifies the mass to be used for extracting the chromatogram. (See “Mass Spectrogram”)
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Equipment in Compartment
Environmental Impact Classification (EIC or EIC Form). [See: Environmental Impact Classification
Education Improvement Commission
Environmental Industries Commission
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East India Company.
Emergency Information Center
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Electronic Identity Card