Definitions for "Egyptian Cotton"
Keywords:  staple, nile, lustrous, cotton, softest
An extra-long staple cotton fiber grown in the Nile
From Egypt, inherent characteristic long staple; Fibres produced are long compared to other types of cotton. End-on-End Allegedly invented by the French, FIL-A-FIL. A fabric where a white thread is interwoven with the coloured thread, end upon end. English 100% Worsted Spun Wool Fabric from combed wool which is smooth surfaced and spun from evenly combed long staple. Woven tightly with a smooth hard surface creating a hard wearing product. Fabric Cloth made from yarn. Yarn is woven into cloth. The weft threads run widthways and warp threads longitudinally. Fibre The two major fibre types are Egyptian cotton and Sea Island quality cotton.
Fine, extra-long staple fiber that has a high luster and soft feel.