Definitions for "Eggs"
Eggs are fragile spheriods used by birds to enclose a developing embryo. Supposedly, eggs are spheroidal (meaning a 3-D oval) in order to keep them from easily rolling out of a nest like a spherical structure would. Eggs may be black, white, blue, gray, speckled, mottled, a combination of these, or many other types.
The reproductive body produced by the female of certain animals, birds, reptiles and fish. They consist of albumen, jelly, membranes and an egg case or shell depending on the species.
A dream of contrary. If your dream involved finding eggs in a bird's nest, it predicts an unexpected windfall of money.
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A product of poultry. Normal production by chicken is about 260 eggs per year.
are sold in a range of standard sizes, the most common being jumbo, extra large, large, and medium. Large eggs are used in most recipes. Chicken eggs are most commonly used; in some areas, duck, goose, and quail eggs are also available. Shell color-brown
oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food
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female germ cells; produced in the ovaries and released externally for fertilization by the male
Haploid gametes produced by females. Also see sperm. !-- assign table width based on how this page is called close_it();
Haploid gametes produced by females. Also see sperm. close window
The term is used in this document to include both shell eggs and egg products.
The first phase in the bee life cycle, usually laid by the queen, is the cylindrical egg 1/16in (1.6 mm) long; it is enclosed with a flexible shell or chorion.
They are laid by dragons, firelizards, whers, and wherries.
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A common thickening (see also almonds, blood, bread and livers).
To remain freshness, eggs should be refrigerated. Bring them back to room temperature when making sponges and other baked goods as this produces a cake with better volume.
Eggs used in baking bread, add nutrition and color, provide volume and bind (glue) all the bread ingredients together. Use large (fresh) eggs (at room temperature) in your recipes, unless the recipe calls out something different.
Eggs are primary in the production of desserts. They perform many tasks: leavening, binding, enriching, emulsifying liquids, glazing. They are categorized by grade and size; based on the inner and outer quality of the egg. The egg white is composed of water and a protein called albumin; they are used to aerate, bind and to emulsify preparations. The yolk is composed of all of the fat and less than half the protein of the egg. The yolks provide richness, a golden color and a tender texture to preparations. Yolks can also emulsify mixtures due to its lecithin and cholesterol content.
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Eggs is a 1995 Norwegian film by Bent Hamer. It was awarded the 1995 Amanda for best Norwegian film.
Egg-sized and shaped vibrators with a tiny motor and an external battery box. Multi-speed, they can be inserted and left in the vagina for long periods of ecstasy. They can even be worn in the street or on the bus, if you don't mind puzzling the other passengers
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