Definitions for "Effusion "
The act of pouring out; as, effusion of water, of blood, of grace, of words, and the like.
That which is poured out, literally or figuratively.
The escape of a fluid out of its natural vessel, either by rupture of the vessel, or by exudation through its walls. It may pass into the substance of an organ, or issue upon a free surface.
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Neuropeptides Urticaria
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Effusion is a program that integrates torrent sharing via IRC with an embedded bittorrent client. This program allows the user to handle all BitTorrent downloads from within one application, as well as receive and share the torrent files with others.
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Nausea Tryptophan
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Opium Vaginal
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Milligram Tolerance
an unrestrained expression of emotion
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Movement of gas molecules through a small opening.
the flow of gas under pressure through a rubber layer
pressurized passing of particles through a tiny opening