Definitions for "Efficacy"
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The ratio of light output (in lumens) to input power (in watts), expressed as lumens per watt (LPW).
Refers to the level of fluxing activity exhibited by a particular flux (Sometimes loosely called ‘efficiency').
Efficeon Efficiency
Efficacy is a user-friendly education system packaged as both a "free" product for those with limited or no income and a retail product. Efficacy, increases a persons ability, opportunity, and income. Efficacy, is a university in a box.
Power to produce effects; operation or energy of an agent or force; production of the effect intended; as, the efficacy of medicine in counteracting disease; the efficacy of prayer.
proven ability of a drug or vaccine to produce a desired clinical effect at the optimal dose.
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Niacin Vasculitis
Niacin Vein
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Feb 8, 11:52 AM EST
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Neural Transfusion
Teaching process which promotes student self-esteem; reform project based on the belief that all children can learn
refers to whether or not the mechanism or compound treats the disease, and whether or not it is able to differentiate over existing treatments
Term used to describe the therapeutic activity of a particular treatment.
The degree of the benefit of treatment when compared to the risk. It is based on subjective and objective evaluations of both the relief of pain and return to function, and the time and effort to achieve them.
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Eligibility criteria
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See Luminous Efficacy
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How well a medicine works.
How well something works.