Definitions for "Effector"
Keywords:  gland, impulse, neuron, muscle, nerve
A peripheral gland or muscle cell innervated by a motor neuron.
A muscle or gland that responds to instructions received from a motor neuron, thus effecting change in the body.
an organ of the body, either a muscle or a gland, that responds to a motor neuron impulse
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Mononuclear Thromboses
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Odynophagia Transmitter
Tiny attack drones launched by an F-Lance or similar weapon (see below) that can both target opponents and intercept incoming bullets and missiles.
A small molecule that binds a protein in a regulatory manner.
An effector is a molecule (originally referring to small molecules but now encompassing any regulatory molecule, includes proteins) that binds to a protein and thereby alters the activity of that protein. A modulator molecule binds to a regulatory site during allosteric modulation and allosterically modulates the shape of the protein.
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Effector is an IDM album by Download.
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Periodontitis Vector
a type of cell that operates on data variables and/or the external environment
Modification Translation
The part of a classifier system that can translate messages into actions that can manipulate a system or an environment.
one who brings about a result or event; one who accomplishes a purpose
corrects conditions according to the evaluation of the integrator.
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Part of an organism which produces a response.
An effecter.