Definitions for "effective date"
The date on which an agreement, such as a contract or insurance policy, takes effect.
The day on which the SEC first permits a new issue to be sold to investors.
Reflects the date when the action being entered is to become valid. Can be the current date indicating that the action I effective immediately or can be a future date.
The day on which a fare or other offer becomes valid.
The day a newly registered security can be offered for sale.
Day on which an agreement takes effect (i.e., purchase or redemption) and on which the price applied to the transaction is designated.
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encumbered equitable owner
This is when the registration statement has become effective with the Securities and Exchange Commission and state agencies. Then the company can distribute a prospectus to potential customers of the new issue of stock.
Specifies the time in which a particular change or action became effective. This allows for historical record keeping, and for future actions to be processed.