Definitions for "EDU"
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"edu" is one of the top level domain name that can be used when choosing a domain name. It generally describes the entity owning the domain name as a four year college or similar educational institution.
Education (organization Domain name) [Internet
domain name suffix used in Internet addresses that denotes an educational institution.
Engine diagnostics unit; also: electronic display unit
National Europol Drugs Units: Member States designate these units within their law enforcement services to send information to Europol.
See Electronic Data Unit.
Endings for valid education websites. Emoticon Pictographs commonly used in instant messengers, such as the smiley .
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Educational establishment
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Education EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity EAPS - Ethnic Affairs Priority Statement
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an acronym for "Earliest Documented Use"
see Earliest Documented Use.
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Teaching Facility
An "educational" site. Any site ending with a .EDU is termed to be an educational facility (i.e. school). (See also, COM, GOV, MIL, ORG).
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Ministry of Education.  (used by the ministry in some of its publications)
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Common ending to a web site which refers to an educational organization.
all U.S. educational