Definitions for "Edger"
An outdoor tool with a rotating blade used to eliminate overgrowth and create a clean cut along driveways, sidewalks, patios, curbs, etc.
A tool borrowed from harnessmaking, used to slightly bevel the edge of the leather. [Frommer/Saguto
A cement finisher's tool for rounding the corners of cement or concrete constructions.
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Small but powerful disk sander used for sanding areas that a drum sander can't reach. Difficult to master.
A machine with a number of stationary and adjustable saw blades that cuts the rough edges from boards to straighten the edges.
a newer associate who is passionate about contributing to the success of the organization
The portion of a die impression that distributes metal during forging into areas where it is most needed in order to facilitate filling the cavities of subsequent impressions to be used in the forging sequence.