Definitions for "EDC"
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lectronic raft apture - the use of a point-of-sale device to authorize and settle credit card transactions.
Electronic Draft Capture. Process of electronically authorizing, capturing, and settling a payment card transaction. The POS terminals are a form of EDC.
electronic data capture/collection
Ethylene Dichloride. A colorless liquid with a mild odor that is toxic and extremely flammable. A major use is as a component in the production of PVC.
Etilene bicloruro C2H4C12 la materia prima utilizzata per produrre il VCM per cracking termico.
Ethylene dichloride, or more accurate 1,2 dichloroethane, see DCE.
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Mathematically determined Error Detection Code specified in the standards that represents data and is recorded with that data to support limited identification of read errors.
Earth Resources Observation System Data Center is a national archive, production, distribution and research facility for remotely sensed data and other geographic information. (see EROS)
Enhanced Data Correction
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Extensor digitorum communis
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Eau de Cologne
City of Battle Creek Economic Development Corporation
Economic Development Corporation. A special type of corporation established by a community solely to act as a conduit. The EDC can, as a municipal entity, borrow funds or sell securities that are, in most cases, exempt from federal income tax. Consequently, the EDC can raise funds at lower interest rates than businesses. The lower-cost funds are used by the EDC to buy fixed assets that are then leased to the business. The lease rate reflects the EDC's low cost of capital. The EDC has no responsibility for the payment of interest and principal on the debt except to pass the business's rent payments through to the investors.
See Economic Development Corporation.
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Earliest documented cover. The earliest known postmark on a postal issue which had no designated First Day. Used interchangeably with EKU.
an acronym for "Earliest Documented Cover ". A stamp with an EDC of the issue date is known as an FDC or First Day Cover.
Electrical Distribution Center. Hardened, underground facilities in the launch areas that provided regulated and unregulated electrical power for the missiles and for utility functions. More information.
Electric Distribution Company. A public utility (for example PECO Energy) which provides facilities such as substations, power lines, etc., for transmission and distribution of electricity to customers.
Electric Distribution Company. The company that owns the power lines and equipment necessary to deliver purchased electricity to the customer.
Export Development Canada—the government's insurance company
Et Dé veloppement Canada
Exhibitor Designated Contractor. MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS EAC.
Early Disposition Conference. See Settlement Office Conference (SOC).
Education Development Center
Early Developmental Center. The Early Developmental Center provides a comprehensive twelve-month program for students with multiple disabilities: physical, intellectual, communication and/or medical. See Elementary Programs.
European Defense Community
Eastern Defense Command
See European Documentation Centre
Emergency Duty Commitment. Payment for being on-call overnight.
Every Drop Counts, the name of water conservation programs run for business and the community.