Definitions for "EDA "
electronic design automation. Software and hardware systems specifically created to enable the automatic design of electronic products.
Acronym for "Electrodermal Activity".
Electronic Dental Anaesthesia. The use of a gentle electrical current to produce a localised area of anaesthesia.
Exploratory data analysis. A set of techniques developed by Tukey for presenting data in visually meaningful ways.
Engineering Data Analysis
exploratory data analysis) Used to identify systematic relations between variables when there are no (or not complete) a priori expectations as to the nature of those relations. In a typical exploratory data analysis process, many variables are taken into account and compared, using a variety of techniques in the search for systematic patterns.
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Educazione Degli Adulti
Estuarine Drainage Area. "An Estuarine Drainage Area is that component of an estuary's entire watershed that empties directly into the estuary and is affected by tides. EDAs may be composed of a portion of a single hydrologic unit, an entire hydrologic unit, more than one hydrologic unit, or several complete hydrologic units and portions or several adjacent hydrologic units."Every EDA has both a land and water component, with the land component comprised of a mainland component and, for certain EDAs, an island component. Overall size and characteristics of these EDAs varies greatly. For example the Chesapeake Bay EDA including its subEDAs along the Mid-Atlantic coast covers 38,200 square miles while several EDAs or subEDAs along the Pacific coast cover 100 square miles or less." This information was taken from the NOAA ORCA CAF Web page.
Embedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation
An Event Driven Architecture is an approach for designing and building applications in which events trigger messages to be sent between decoupled applications. Event messages are typically sent using a publish-and-subscribe method such as JMS topics. EDA interactions are asynchronous in nature, whereas the loosely-coupled SOA interactions are usually synchronous (request/response). In EDA transactions, messages can be queued and delivered later.
New Jersey Economic Development Authority.
Economic Development Administration; Economic Development Authority
An agency of the Department of Commerce that provides planning, technical assistance and financial resources to qualifying programs.
EDA is an Eiffel implementation of the General Decimal Arithmetic Specification. It allows unlimited precision decimal arithmetic. By implementing the GDA Specification version
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Emergency Duty Allowance (Same as EDC)
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Japanese term for branches
Japanese term for branch
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Excess Defense Equipment
Eating Disorders Association