Definitions for "ECT "
Electro-Convulsive Therapy, a.k.a. "Shock Treatment." Once recognized as the barbaric and destructive practice it is, ECT is making a comeback in the "treatment" of depression; Despite the blandly-worded reassurances from the psychiatric establishment, the ECT survivors' movement continues to gather testimony and evidence from those who have suffered brain damage in the form of permanent memory loss and intellectual dysfunction as a result of ECT.
Electroconvulsive therapy is used only to treat severe, debilitating mental disorders and not to control behavior, as it is often portrayed in Hollywood. Further, it is usually used in extremely depressed patients who have not responded to psychotherapy and medication. Patients at extremely high risk of suicide may benefit from ECT due to extremely rapid results. However, lack of evidence for long-term suicide risk reduction requires close supervision and additional treatment in the following weeks and months.
(Electroconvulsive Therapy). Therapy used in the treatment of severe depression. ECT involves placing electrodes on the temples, on one or both sides of the patient's head, and delivering a small electrical current. This aims to shock the brain and to restore its natural chemical balance.
Known as edge crush test, which is the standard for testing the linerboard's ability for stacking performance.
Edge Crush Test. Measures the ability of the combined board to resist top-to-bottom crushing. Can be substituted for Mullen Test in certain applications. Results in a designation of "32ECT", "44ECT", etc.
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Enhanced Cluster Tools is a set of additional tools for the enhancement of cluster systems management, which assists an administrator in managing a whole set of Linux machines. It provides additional features such as an xCAT-to-CSM transitional tool and scripts for easily collecting data from service processors.
Environmental Costing Tool
Estabelecimento Central de Transporte
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An ECT is a team within the Department of Education (DOE) responsible for developing the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Education Program (IEP) for children age birth to 5, in need of early intervention or other special education services.
Europe Combined Terminals (Rotterdam).
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Engine Coolant Temperature
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Energy Charter Treaty
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ECT may be an abbreviation for